What is an investment apartment

An investment apartment refers to a special form of condominium, whose main purpose is not to be occupied by the owner. The purpose of the investment apartment is, through rental income and increases in the value of the property itself, to multiple the capital employed – from monetary value to property value.

A good investment apartment thus provides a lasting source of income. The available capital is additionally increased by the increase in value. Now, instead of a sum of Euros, you own a material asset. This is crisis-proof and protected against inflation. This means: if the money were devalued by inflation 1.) the value of rents is secured and the purchasing power remains and 2.) the value of the apartment as a material asset is preserved. Therefore, investors who had placed their money into property had few concerns in the economic crisis. Lastly, investment apartments have preserved their material asset value in every imaginable horror scenario.


The Raab & RAABsuccess concept for property investments

  • A CLEAR STRATEGY: We have specialised in investment apartments in Vienna. Sustainable rental income and appreciation are not by accident. RAAB & RAAB selects the projects exactly according to an established criteria. The occupancy rate of 99.23% confirms our concept and approach. The criteria for investment apartments can be found here!
  • VIENNA AS A TOP MARKETPLACE: Austria’s capital city, Vienna, is ideal for investment apartments. The Viennese market has today a shortfall of around 40,000 dwellings. By 2050 the population is expected to grow from 1.8 to 2.1 million. A decline is not in sight. On the contrary, Vienna was awarded in 2014, for the 5th time in the prestigious Mercer study, the metropolis with the highest quality of life, worldwide.
  • NO TIME OUTLAY: RAAB & RAAB can, upon request, undertake all of the work. You do not have to take care of the letting, maintenance nor property management. Therefore, owning an investment property in Vienna through us is almost as easy as holding a savings account. More information on investment apartments as investments can be found here!
  • TAXATION AT A GLANCE: A real estate investment includes tax obligations, but also many opportunities. We ensure that our clients are well advised regarding tax matters. We have summarised more information on investment properties and taxes: Click here!


The family business, RAAB & RAAB, is the most renowned specialist for investment apartments in Austria. Our success concept has proved itself, time and time again over decades for our customers. The yields and increases in value of our investment apartments have for more than 15 years been well above the level of inflation.

More good reasons why you can trust and rely on us when purchasing investment apartments we have specially selected for you: Click here!