Property investments in vienna:

Each investment must be carefully considered. Ultimately you invest your money in order to provide for the future. Therefore, you should place your investment apartment in the hands of an experienced, competent and reliable partner.

RAAB & RAAB is the oldest provider of investment apartments in Vienna and throughout the whole of Austria, providing for decades, personal advice, support and an excellent product throughout the market. At RAAB & RAAB we build on sustainability in the interest of our customers. We will advise you of your property gains and pecuniary advantage.


The reasons why RAAB & RAAB

  • We are the OLDEST PROVIDER of investment apartments in Austria: We have been in existence for decades and will be here today, tomorrow, and for future decades! We are, and will remain, your competent partner in all property related matters.
  • We are a PRIVATE FAMILY BUSINESS: With us you are not simply a number for a large bank with international interests and holdings. We are your direct local contact, who stands fully behind their projects, taking complete responsibility for them.
  • We specialise in ALL SERVICES REVOLVING AROUND INVESTMENT APARTMENTS: With pride we take on full responsibility as we also undertake the complete work. Advice on purchasing and financing, property management, agents for subsequent letting – everything is done, on request, 100% percent by us. We attend to the needs of our customers and adore our projects.
  • MAINTAIN VALUE THROUGH PROFESSIONAL CARE: Value preservation or gains are possible in the real estate industry, if the investment apartments are maintained accordingly. Raab & Raab is your specialist.
  • Constant and sustainable SUCCESS FOR DECADES: The results speak for themselves! Thanks to perfect ground plans, future-orientated design and construction and well-tended projects, we achieve an occupancy rate of 99.23%.
  • HIGH CUSTOMER LOYALTY at RAAB & RAAB: Our customers appreciate our concept. Therefore many remain loyal and continue to rely upon RAAB & RAAB for their investment apartments.
  • WE DON’T PROMISE YOU THE MOON: Short-term sales success is not our priority; rather we provide a sustained and meaningful investment strategy. There are no magic returns and guaranteed asset explosions! But there is steady and sustainable growth, which pays off in the long term. According to our motto “the joy of your property”.

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