Investor apartments in vienna:
How investment apartments function
as rentable property investments

The acquisition of an investment apartment, also known as investor apartments, transforms financial assets into tangible property. When compared to monetary values, material assets enjoy two major advantages:

    In the bank your money loses its value from year to year. That is: for the same money you can buy less and less. With an investment apartment in Vienna you have invested in security. The development and the particular housing situation of the past 15 years in Vienna reveal that: the increase in value of real estate investments has constantly exceeded the rate of inflation. What’s more, also retaining your rental income thanks to an indexed income spending power.
    Even when currencies falter, property values will be preserved. According to economic experts, with luck, we have pulled through the Euro-crisis and this is now behind us. With a property investment in the attractive Viennese housing market, you are, one way or another, on the safe side. An investment apartment is, in each case, up to you – a personal decision – as opposed to a sum of money in the bank.

At a glance, the advantages of investor apartments as property
investments through Raab & RAAB

  • SECURITY: An investment apartment is a real asset that can be touched. In a nutshell: people will always need housing! The next stock market crash, monetary or economic crisis cannot harm such a property’s value.
  • VALUE-PROTECTED INCOME: Year after year our money is devalued through inflation. This means: for the same money you can buy less and less. Because the rental income of your investment apartments is constantly adapted to the Index, this increases virtually in line with the rate of inflation.
  • NO TIME OUTLAY: An investment apartment is, with the right partner, comfortable and simple. RAAB & RAAB can undertake all incidental work. That means: the rental income generates an additional income for you without the outlay of time.
  • LOCAL ACTIVITIES: Knowing the market is a prerequisite to making smart investments. RAAB & RAAB has therefore specialized in the residential market in Vienna. From the owners to the staff, all are on-site in Vienna. We know the city and can assess the potential of a particular district or sub-region.
  • APPRECIATION POTENTIAL: When you know the city and the area, you have the ability to make strategically smart decisions regarding building projects. The resulting investment apartments that emerge in the metropolis that is Vienna (where today there is a shortfall of 40,000 apartments) give rise to potentially large and sustainable values.
  • VALUE STABILITY: Value retention and appreciation can only be made possible if the investment is, accordingly, well maintained. Therefore, within the RAAB & RAAB Group, we provide for the servicing and maintenance of investment apartments. As the owner you can sit back comfortably.

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