Residential investments in vienna:
Invest your savings for the future

Investment apartments are a safe form of financial investment because they transform monetary values into material assets. In contrast to classical condominiums, investment apartments are always oriented towards the largest tenant demand. Thus, it is possible to rent this property continuously and in doing so, achieve a lasting, secure additional income for the future. Read more under “What is an investment apartment?”.

What makes a good residential investment

  • LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION: Surroundings with good infrastructure are a guarantee for preserving value and rentability.
  • LARGEST MARKET: The most searched size, ground plans, build quality, facilities & fittings, and low energy standards ensure a high demand by tenants. Our occupancy rate amounts to 99.23%.
  • INVESTMENT SECURITY: With an immediate entry in the land register, the apartment is yours. You will receive not only a steady additional income through rental income, but also own an investment apartment which rises in value due to increasing property values.
  • NO TIME OUTLAY: A good investment apartment is a constantly rich source of income.

More on the topic can be found here: „8 points you should consider when buying an investment apartment!“


We are the oldest provider of investment apartments in Vienna, having specialised in this field for decades. We realize our investment apartments through proven success criteria and individually advise our customers regarding purchasing and financing. We also undertake the property management and upon request, all necessary work in connection with the letting. So you can build for yourself, your children and even your grandchildren, sustainable revenue streams and secure hard-earned values.

Your advantges and securities through Raab & RAAB

  • AS EASY AS A SAVINGS BOOK: Our professionals undertake for you, upon request, the necessary work in all phases (eg. financing, renting, property management, etc.).
  • PAYMENT SECURITY: You transfer your ‚investment‘ safely to a trustee, so that the money is only released when you are entered in the land registry. During construction, this is always disbursed only after completion of a construction phase by the trustee. So we guarantee the realization of the project with 100% certainty.
  • VIENNA MARKETPLACE: The increase in value potential is in Vienna, through the growing population and housing shortage, ideal when compared internationally.
  • The investment apartment is your EXCLUSIVE PROPERTY, with no co-ownership share.

Details of our concept can be found here!