Investment apartments in vienna:
Important information regarding taxation

With the acquisition an investment apartment, you can transform not only financial assets into tangible ones, but also then collect the resulting rental income. There are new taxation matters that are applicable. On the one hand you have, as result, new rights and opportunities, , but on the other hand, of course, also obligations to the tax office. We have summarized below the main points for you.

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Sales Tax (VAT) and income tax for investment apartmentsS

With the purchase of an investment apartment you are, from a taxation sense, a business owner. As such, you can deduct the applicable sales tax (VAT) from purchases. In respect of the resulting rental income, you have to pay the VAT paid by the tenant, this being subsequently remitted to the tax office.

In addition, the purchase of an investment or investor apartment offers numerous opportunities to write off, in the correct manner, the costs associated with the income tax return.


Consultancy regarding taxation matter is importantn for
investment apartments

The points above are only the cornerstone of your tax options, rights and obligations. Knowledge in this area is extremely important when purchasing an investment apartment, so as to ensure that you realize the potential of your property investments in its entirety.

We understand, therefore, that it is important to inform and educate purchasers, as required, regarding their investment apartment.


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